Just Draw It #48

AndersonT : ... Yeah, I'm still doing stuff. I know, I haven't drawn on paper recently, though I was working on some bits of music. Yes, they're only a minute long. I just wanted to get a basic idea and extend it from there, but that would be way later. They'll be on youtube. maybe.
The game itself, well, there seem to be a way to upload the whole game with the google drive thing, so you wait long enough and I might release it.

... game language is !!!!Japanese!!!! by the way. Not English. sorry guys orz


Just Draw It #47





Anderson.T : It's probably about time I tell you how I complete these color pictures. First off there's the sketch. There's always a sketch. Well sometimes I use the first drawing right on and add colors, like those pencil arts. And the pen works too, but the lines are mostly edited.

This time I wanted to do something different like drawing on a black canvas. These things obviously won't work out on the first try, so I did the opposite, then inverted the color.

That did it for some reason. Then you add the multiply layers and the light layers and the extra stuff! And there you have it! Should I post more of these tutorialish step-by-step posts? If these will help improve your art or at least inspire to do so, that would be great.