"Step out into the new" they said.
"Do not fear the failure" they said.
"Do not regret, face forward" they said.
"Find your ultimate dream" they said.
 Anderson.T : ... What have I gotten myself into?
Jokes aside I decided to save the art progression every day until it was complete. This took me 5 days.  Here, you should see this basic four steps of how I draw.
  • Step One; First, the lines. Actually a lot of people don't even line. I tried it. Didn't work out. Personally I prefer pen and paper. 100% laptop don't seem to do the job well. I just can't draw it the same way I do analog style. Once everything is imported into your computer, do some resizing, erase smudges, or even a complete redraw. Try reversing your picture (horizontal) from time to time. You'll need it.
  • Step Two; Paint the basic colors. Balancing is hard though. Don't worry I'm still learning too, so now you can laugh and throw auto smashers at me. I like Purple and Yellow combination, but this time, it's all too red sided, like her face. Grey scaling the whole picture might help you with balance. Maybe the colors I add are too vivid, but I like it that way. Again, personal preference.
  • Step Three; Add shadow. This is hard. Everything is. Unfortunately I have no good tips to tell you. Well if it's about colors again, try using different colors and vibrance instead of picking up the same base color you just used. Of course you need your layer to be multiply mode. Wait, if it comes to shading a face, It looks like you won't need to do much. Nobody else seems to.
  •  Step Four; Add light. Basically you paint the area where you didn't paint the shadows. This time your layer needs to be screen or lighten mode. Or I don't know. Apparently some people use overlay, which I never knew it could be done. I tried it. ... Only works if the area you paint is light enough. If not, stick with screen.
  • Step 4.5 ; Add moar light. Well basically highlights and back lighting or I don't know what it's called. I used to do "back lighting" in my very old pictures, but I stopped using the technique for some reason. Now it's back! Now we can make our edgy characters more dynamic! Just simply add some strings of light color right under the shadow, then you're done! Yay!
That's my four step on how I draw. Step four is my favorite for some reason. Well this is just how I do things. This is not THE WAY to draw. You really have to find your skills yourself. Look just Google everything and you'll be ok.
What? 4 steps too long? Fine, actually there's only two steps to be Pro!
1 Draw some circles
2 Fill in details
Done! If people can tell what you are drawing, and they enjoy it, you are "Pro"!
Really I'm half serious


Clamor Kingdom Game post01

Anderson.T :  So this is the new game I've been talking about. Yeah that other newer one. I'ts shorter and more derp, but you know, I had to make an actual thing instead of talking about it and showing bits and flinging nice pictures and ended up abandoning the works.

first stage
fourth and last stage
the crusher
some boss you encounter
map tiles
 Of course all this can change, or maybe not.


Just Draw It #52