Just Draw It #47





Anderson.T : It's probably about time I tell you how I complete these color pictures. First off there's the sketch. There's always a sketch. Well sometimes I use the first drawing right on and add colors, like those pencil arts. And the pen works too, but the lines are mostly edited.

This time I wanted to do something different like drawing on a black canvas. These things obviously won't work out on the first try, so I did the opposite, then inverted the color.

That did it for some reason. Then you add the multiply layers and the light layers and the extra stuff! And there you have it! Should I post more of these tutorialish step-by-step posts? If these will help improve your art or at least inspire to do so, that would be great.


!!!! Van-Haydez Comic 03.5 !!!!

Anderson.T This should be read before comic number 04. For some reason I didn't upload this two pages, and it took over a year for me to finally realize! I'm sorry if things got complicated for all of you. I'm rechecking the Van-Haydez comic and make sure if there's anything more I may left.



Those kids you always see

Anderson.T : This was originally meant to be a sample or a sort of test for my Triton comic. Didn't began at all, as you can already see. But then there was this other comic I was trying to make which was meant to be a spinoff-ish story in a same world, and introducing a whole new set of characters, including that girl at the bottom left.
Obviously I had little experience with black and white and shades, especially concerning digital work. So now everything looks too dark and the shades are clumped up into this one big thing because there's nothing to separate them (I'm reffering to the clothes for instance). so I should get a thicker outline, and use much less shadows and use black and white instead.
maybe the shadows are overly detailed or simply needs work. idk